Inheritance for a better future

Inheritance for a better future

UmC, with all its human resource and expertise inherited from PMC has now developed a new radio serial drama in Kinyarwanda named ‘Umurage’ meaning (inheritance for a better future). The new drama is being produced to educate the Rwandan population on issues related to child protection, Gender Based Violence (GBV), nutrition, reproductive health and family planning as a cross-cutting theme.

Umurage radio serial drama has 156 episodes, targeted to last for a period of 52 weeks, broadcast on Radio Rwanda  and  7 other partner  radio stations; Radio10,City radio, Isango Star, radio Salus, radio Ishingiro, radio Isangano and radio Izuba.

Radio Rwanda broadcasts three episodes per week (15 minutes  length each)  and others also rebroadcast 3 episodes per week on 3 three different days of the week, except  radio Izuba  (located in Eastern province) that broadcasts 3 episodes.


Apart from broadcasting he drama, UmC also produces radio spots to market the drama, holds regular radio talk shows, use of social media platforms (twitter, face book, you tube channels and web sites to attract more listeners by even uploading episodes that have been broadcast; giving chance to listeners who missed them during the scheduled broadcast or rebroadcast time.

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