HIV prevention/control, Sexual & reproductive health

HIV prevention/control, Sexual & reproductive health

The 2014-15 RDHS states HIV infection is a major public health concern in Rwanda and being also a major cause of mortality with negative social and economic consequences that affect people and the country. 90 % of women and 92 % of men agreed that young people age 12-14 should be taught about using condoms to avoid getting AIDS.

Knowledge of prevention methods is slightly lower among women and men age 15-19 than among older women and men. Educating people about the ways in which HIV can be transmitted from mother to child during pregnancy, delivery, and breastfeeding is very important to reducing mother-to-child transmission (MTCT) of HIV.

Sexual & Reproductive Health

A soap opera can provide information and education about contraceptives, in addition to providing listeners and viewers with the skills to talk with their partners and/or other family members and health professionals about reproductive health. The characters in the drama will make a variety of decisions about discussing matters of sexual and reproductive health with their children. The drama  features characters that use or discuss the importance  of educating youth about their reproductive health as well as characters that learn about the benefits of having youth who are aware of biological and physical body changes.

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