Valued positive behavioral change amidst COVID 19; Umurage serial drama continues to be a sociable learning platform

Valued positive behavioral change amidst COVID 19; Umurage serial drama continues to be a sociable learning platform


“The character I like and learned from so much is Sakumi;  I learned a lot from him especially about COVID 19 as he went around sensitizing people about preventive measures, starting with his wife who was not cautious about the disease. Another character is Gasake who also sensitized people to prevent themselves from COVID 19, though some did not respond positively he tried to teach them. There are people who faced consequences because they did not follow preventive measure, for example, a character in the drama called Dada, she refused to follow preventive measures and eventually suffered from COVID 19, she was put in isolation. She was very much affected and her business came to a standstill. Kagoyire was also affected because of not respecting COVID 19 preventive measures, she was also confined and her usual activities were affected as well”


                Leonidas TWAGIRIMANA

“Umurage drama communicates about sexual reproductive health, child protection, HIV/AIDS prevention, and other issues. With the outbreak of the COVID 19 pandemic, I continued to listen to umurage drama which played a role in informing people about COVID 19 preventive measures, though in our society we have people who have continued to neglect the measures, we have people who get information so fast and others take time, so there is need for constant sensitization for all us to have a common understanding. As an educationist, I don’t learn only from a positive character but also from a negative character who teachers you not to follow his/her path. Therefore, I learned a lot from umurage drama, for example, a character called Nyiranzinza who sensitized people about COVID 19 preventive measures, there is also Sakumi who does the same, but his wife is an obstacle, this is what I mean that we learn from both bad and good situations. The other woman who owns a bar and Dada who sells illegal drugs also teach us that once such drugs are sold, they affect the society that is misled into buying. What is important is to do the right thing like what Nyiranzinza and Sakumi did so that we jointly fight the pandemic which I find scaring”


                           Peragie KAKUZE


“I started hearing about COVID 19 in 2019 from news around, people saying it originated from China. I didn’t take it so seriously as it is now, it eventually reached Rwanda, I believe it is the reason why Umurage drama contains lessons about it because the drama is about teaching people. As reflected in the drama, there is a section of people that does not have information about the pandemic and the other that does. The drama shows both categories and those who know about it help in preventive measures. In the drama I know about people like Margo who don’t mind preventive measures, they know about the pandemic but stubbornly refuse to abide due to personal reasons. However, I liked the way Sakumi continued to sensitize people, though his wife was the opposite instead of supporting him. I also noticed that after some time Kagoyire changed and decided to support her husband. Because of the lockdown, people stayed at home and this created many problems among family members because people could not go to work. This also happened in Umurage drama, like where Nyiranziza had problems with her husband due to COVID 19, though they used to agree with each other in the past”

Umurage Radio Serial Drama 

Season 4



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