Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission

UmC’s mission is to improve the health and well-being of people in Rwanda through the use of various channels of communication, especially entertainment-education strategies such as radio serial dramas, in which characters evolve into role models for positive behavior change.

Our Vision

A sustainable nation with equal rights for all

Our Values

We believe that pro-social communication campaigns are best done without telling people what to do. We believe in the power of positive and realistic role modeling. We value communication between husbands and wives about the future of their families. We believe in equal rights for women, including education for girls. We uphold responsible parenthood as essential so that all children are given the best opportunities available.

UmC strives to bring about a nation where education and information enhances health and human rights with results like:

  • smaller families leading to healthier and more prosperous families,
  • every woman deciding and planning her reproductive future,
  • girls and boys encountering equal opportunities throughout their lives, and
  • the stress on Earth’s environment being reduced