PMC produced Umurage Urukwiye (“Rwanda’s Brighter Future”) in Rwanda. This 312-episode radio show aired April 16, 2007 through July 2009 in Kinyarwanda, one of Rwanda’s official languages. Umurage Urukwiye was rebroadcast from October 2012 through October 2014 .

 Download  the full impact of Umurage Urukwiye 


                            Umurage Urukwiye Full Impact Report (PDF)




PMC produced Impano n’Impamba (“A Gift For Today That Will Last a Long Time”) in Rwanda. This 104-episode radio show aired from October 2014 through November 2015 in the Kinyarwanda language

Download  the full impact of Impano n’Impamba  


                        Impano n’Impamba Full Impact Report (PDF)


PMC produced Umurage (“Inheritance for a Better Future”) in Rwanda. This 156-episode radio show aired from June 2017 through June 2018 in Kinyarwanda, one of Rwanda’s official languages

Umurage aired three times a week on eight different radio stations in Rwanda as well as episodes uploaded to a Youtube channel. PMC worked with a team of local administrators to create a Rwandan NGO, Umurage Communication for Development (UmC), to oversee production and development of this show

Download the full impact of Umurage.

                        Umurage Full Impact Report (PDF)