We cannot allow the gains made in the HIV response to be reversed by #COVID19.
Urgent action is needed.

Find out more in the latest Global AIDS Update from @UNAIDS. http://bit.ly/GAU2020

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Progress towards ending AIDS by 2030 was already off track before #COVID19.
The crisis could blow us even further off course.
Get the latest HIV data and analysis from the @UNAIDS Global AIDS Update 2020. http://bit.ly/GAU2020

More people living with HIV than ever before know their HIV status, are accessing HIV treatment, and are virally suppressed.
But millions of people still do not.
Urgent action is needed. Find out more in the new Global AIDS Update 2020 from @UNAIDS. http://bit.ly/GAU2020

Niba wasambanijwe ku ngufu ihutire ku kigo cy'ubuvuzi kikwegereye bityo uhabwe imiti ikurinda kwandura virusi itera itera SIDA

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There are an estimated 220 million women worldwide who want to use safe and effective family planning methods but are unable to do so because they lack access to information and services or the support of their communities. Let's change that. #WorldContraceptionDay

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