UmC joins Nyaruguru residents in end of year community work ‘Umuganda’

UmC joins Nyaruguru residents in end of year community work ‘Umuganda’

UmC in collaboration with the Association of Artists and Journalists in Rwanda, the Ministry of local Government & members of parliament took part in a community service ‘Umuganda’, conducted in Nyaryguru district (Southern province) on December 28th, 2017.

Members of Parliament, district local authorities & Nyaruguru residents join together during community work in Ngoma sector

The event was characterized by rehabilitating and cleaning homes of vulnerable families, live drama performance focusing on issues related to hygiene and health precautions, speeches from local authorities, Senators   and representatives from Rwanda’s parliamentary chamber of deputies.

One of the actresses in Umurage drama Alice Gikundiro participating in rehabilitating a house of a vulnerable family.

The main objective of the community work was to integrate with local residents to deliver messages about the Umurage radio drama and associate ideas in the drama with developmental activities; this was also any opportunity to measure the listeners’ understanding of the drama.

Senator Dr. Richard Sezibera addressing residents of Ngoma sector after Umuganda

Senator Rochard Sezibera urged  locals to  to always mind about keeping their homes clean and self hygiene as well. Hw further called upon the youth to be hard working for both their families and the nation at large.

Actresses of Umurage drama performing before residents of Ngoma sector. Scenes carried messages about hygiene & relationships among married couples.

The community work activity served as an opportunity to capture the attention of locals in Ngoma sector in both drama & speeches from different leaders.

Francine Uwantege

Uwantege Francine 60 is from one of the vulnerable families in Ngoma sector that had their homes rehabilitated. Being an elderly person, she appreciated the act and recommended lessons from the drama especially to the youth who still have the power to build their country.

“My home now looks good, this shows how a country needs young people, raised with positive attitude towards elderly people like me”, Francine added.

Some people had the idea about the importance of maintaining hygiene in their homes through radio, though not adhered to often, but with live messages both from leaders and drama performances, reality was brought closer to them.

In addition to the community work done to refurbish her home, another local resident  Collette Mukarwema 64 also believes that drama is another way of emphasizing government programs, hence the need for every young and old to make it a learning point.

“Today’s drama sketches totally touch our daily lives. With proper hygiene, many diseases are preventable; we need to keep such lessons in mind for our families to prosper”, Mukarwema happily said, looking at the new appearance of her home.

Participants pose for a group photo after Umuganda