Sexual & Gender Based Violence (SGBV)

Sexual & Gender Based Violence (SGBV)

Effecting change on long-standing gender issues can best be achieved by role modelling positive behaviours through important members of the community. In a serial drama, this can include community elders, religious leaders, teachers, parents, and young adult characters that the audiences will look up to. It is important to model characters evolving slowly in their attitudes and behaviour in order for the audience to come to accept an alternative set of values.

The challenges Rwanda is confronted with today demand the use of strong communication strategies that are in accordance with the values of the Rwandan society. This is through the enhancement of the well-being of citizens by prioritizing improved knowledge and behavior change around health and other developmental issues.

By witnessing the trials and tribulations of the characters in attention-grabbing dramatic programs, the audience learns how certain choices can impact one’s life. Consequently, they are better equipped to handle the trying situations they are confronted with on a daily basis. Furthermore, entertainment-education dramas can help promote education, and cultural understanding, as well as discourage negative stereotypes, hence fostering respect for human rights.

Working in partnership with various organizations in Rwanda, UmC believes that the project can also contribute to greater movement-building to help lead the country towards economic and political growth, improved gender equity, youth leadership among other values as it informs, motivates, and inspires people to advocate for themselves and their communities.

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