Family Planning, Malaria Prevention & Control

Family Planning, Malaria Prevention & Control

No tender relationship can thrive without effective communication between couples. Communication holds a relationship together and when spouses no longer communicate; their marriage is no longer in existence. True communication also involves respect for the other person as well as active energy on your part.

The story of Gasake and Dancilla is one of struggle between couples. Faced with a number of challenges and confronted with several health scares, Gasake and Dancilla the major characters in this story line seek to find their love again – a fresh love like they once had – and to heal their relationship. With the support of each other (and communication between the two) they are better able to make healthy choices and Gasaske finds his pride again.

Behavior Change Objectives:

  • Couples to discuss and agree on a plan that will help to keep their children healthy
  • Husbands to support their wives in making informed decisions about Family Planning methods.
  • To recognize malaria as a threat and to understand the importance of the family sleeping under an LLITN every night.
  • Wives to discuss and agree on a plan with their husbands that will help to keep their children healthy
  • To have the information needed to make an informed decision about a family planning method that is right for them.

According to the 2014-15 RDHS, 28% of family planning users discontinue use of a method within 12 months of starting its use. Side effects and health concerns (34 %) being the main reason for discontinuation.

Malaria Prevention and Control 

According to the President’s Malaria Initiative (Rwanda) for the FY 2019, the operational included a detailed implementation plan, based on several strategies to control malaria nationwide.

Social and behavior change communication is among those strategies to ensure that 95 percent of the population has correct knowledge of malaria prevention and control by 2020.  Activities for Umurage Communication for Development through radio serial drama and other behavior change communication strategies center on harmonized health messages about malaria prevention and control in collaboration with Rwanda Biomedical Center (RBC)

This communication aims at disseminating messages to the general public to reduce malaria in pregnancy, among children and other people. Our SBCC messaging focus on encouraging people, including pregnant women, to sleep under ITNs and to visit health facilities or seek medical attention from community health workers for fever diagnostics and treatment.


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