Role of youth in promoting gender equality & fighting against Gender-Based Violence

Role of youth in promoting gender equality & fighting against Gender-Based Violence

Umurage Communication for Development (UMC) in collaboration with Gender Monitoring Office and AJPRODHO-JIJUKIRWA in partnership with Muhanga District organized a discussion on the theme named “Role of youth in promoting gender equality & fighting against Gender-Based Violence”. This is part of Gender Accountability Day activities taking place in  Muhanga District

14th October 2021.


Governor of southern province Alice KAYITESI  remarked “Youth is the pillar of the development, we appeal to you to give the utmost contribution in a continuation to building our country so as you develop yourselves up” Addressing the participants attended who are categorized in the motorcyclists, bicyclists, youth with disabilities, youth in hospitality services, volunteers, youth in universities, head of religious communities, youth in technology services and unemployed.

Alice KAYITESI/Governor of the southern province

The sketch which was performed by Umurage drama Actors expressed the teachings on Gender-Based Violence through the scenario where Kalori would always harass his wife Veronika for not giving birth to boy children, the sketch ended when Kalori understood very well that all children should be equally valued because they have got equal abilities.

       Umurage Drama Actors

Mr. Businge Anthony, Executive Secretary at AJPRODHO -JIJUKIRWA to the youth of Muhanga District after the sketch appealed;

“There are so many opportunities around you. I urge you to always exploit them for one self-development and development of the country “

Mr. Businge Anthony

This was followed by the panel discussion on the topic of “Role of youth in promoting gender equality and fighting gender-based violence” Panelists:

Youth representative In MUHANGA District, Youth Motorcyclist and representatives from Ministry of Gender, Family promotion and Ministry of youth and culture.

The dialogues were followed by an interactive session with youth on Gender Equality and fighting against gender-based violence. Moderated by RBA

Journalists Pascal Nyandwi and Rose Mukayiranga

The dialogue with youth aims to highlight their perceptions and role in promoting gender equality, fighting Gender-Based Violence and other social-economic issues hindering their development

Mayor in MUHANGA district Ms. Jacqueline  KAYITARE said Youth is at the center of Rwandas development & social-economic transformation. Youth’s contribution in promoting gender equality & fighting gender-based violence is thus key to ensure an inclusive & sustained development


Ms. Jacqueline  KAYITARE

“I thank the youth for participation & commitments made during the dialogue to enhance the contribution of youth in promoting gender equality and fighting Gender-Based Violence,” said, Chief Gender Monitor

Rose RWABUHIHI /Chief Gender Monitor  while closing the youth dialogue in MUHANGA District

Rose RWABUHIHI /Chief Gender Monitor


UmC 2021


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